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Turn to us to repair your van

If you are experiencing any technical problems with your van, turn to us because we specialize specifically in fixing that problem.

We know that every hour that your car is not moving can keep you from your work and cost you money. That is why we do everything we can to make sure that the time your vehicle is out of service is as short as possible. We can guarantee that because we have years of experience and therefore keep most spare parts for different van marques. Read more about repair works.

Tend to your van regularly

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t wait for a technical problem to arise. Regular maintenance will keep your vehicle working. Read more about maintenance.

You can buy and order new or used spare parts from us

We keep a wide selection of spare parts for different models. Because we also work with vehicle recycling, we offer a wide range of discount used spare parts that have a 7-day return policy. Read more about spare parts.

Get your car washed

We also have a car wash service where you can get your vehicle sparkling clean. Read more about the car wash.


Since 1997, We are specialized in spare parts, repair and service of vans (minibuses, vans). We believe that our concentration on a specific field gives us better knowledge and competence in working with vans. In addition, working with vehicle recycling supports our competence and knowledge. We have an extensive overview of the most common problems of minibuses and vans.

Our team consists of professionals with years of work experience and comprehensive knowledge on repairs and maintenance.

Put us to the test, we are here to help you!

Spare parts, service and maintenance for the following vans: